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In the news

An answer to colony collapse disorder?

An article was recently published linking colony collapse to the use of pesticides used to produce corn: ‘two studies published last week in Science that linked bee declines to neonicotinoid pesticides’

Is most honey you buy in the store the honey bees produce?

More than 3/4 of the honey sold in US grocery stores is not the kind of honey bees produce.


Please support Canadian Beekeepers. Purchase 100% Canadian Honey. 

Could honey be better than cough syrup for your young child? 

Here are some guidelines from the Canadian Pediatrics Society for cough and cold treatments:

“Honey is inexpensive, has an excellent safety profile, a good demulcent effect and antioxidant properties, and it increases cytokine release, which may result in antimicrobial effects. It was recently shown to have potential benefit for cough and cold. In paired comparisons, honey was significantly superior to no treatment or honey-flavoured dextromethorphan for cough frequency and severity, bothersome nature of the cough, and the child/parent sleep quality, as rated by the parents. A Cochrane collaboration review included one RCT, and concluded that there was not enough evidence to advise for or against the use of honey. More recently, an RCT with 139 children (24 to 60 months of age) suffering from cough due to upper respiratory tract infection reported that 2.5 mL of honey before sleep improved cough frequency and severity, as well as sleep quality in a mean of 59% of children. This was a better improvement compared with dextromethorphan, diphenhydramine or placebo.”

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I bake with honey?

Honey is sweeter than sugar and it contains moisture so you must make adjustments in a recipe when substituting honey for sugar.
Here are two guidelines:

  1. Substitute equal amounts of honey for sugar, but reduce other liquid by 1/4 cup for each cup of honey use.
  2.  Use 3/4 cup honey in place of 1 cup of sugar and make no liquid adjustment.

Lastly, browning occurs more readily with honey than sugar, so turn down your oven by 25 F when you use honey instead of sugar.

How do I store my honey?

Honey can easily be stored at room temperature in a closed container. Excessive amounts of moisture can cause your honey to ferment.
Your honey will crystallize if it is purchased in its liquid form. This is completely natural. If you would like to have smooth, creamy honey, place your container of honey into the freezer. This produces very small crystals  that will yield smooth creamy honey. Do not place your honey in the fridge as larger crystals will result, giving your honey a grainy texture.